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Tech Session: Pumping

“Wastewater 101 Solution Session: Vacuum Primed Centrifugal Pumps”

Presented by:
William Flores, Smith & Loveless

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Tech Session: Headworks

“Holistic Grit Removal System Design Leads to Real Savings”

Presented by:
Jeffrey Sober, Garver Engineers
Rod Mrkvicka, Smith & Loveless

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Pumping System Upgrades and Accessories

Complete Aftermarket Support 

S&L’s Aftermarket Division offers a full line of parts to support its installed product lines, a full line of retrofit possibilities for S&L and other manufacturers’ equipment, as well as a well-trained service team ready to handle any project.

Pumping Inquiry

Operators work safer and swifter with no confined space hassles or annoying flushable clogs, while owners save more than 50% vs submersibles with S&L pump stations.

Headworks Inquiry

Remove 95% of grit down to 105 micron particles across all flows with the unparalleled PISTA® Grit Removal System, featuring innovative hydraulic baffling and grit handling equipment.

Treatment Systems Inquiry

We customize packaged and field-erected clean water treatment systems to assist you in meeting your effluent goals, including water reuse, total nitrogen reduction and phosphorus removal.

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